Florida’s New Texting While Driving Law

Texting While Driving Laws Florida

Texting while driving is becoming an increasingly hot topic throughout the United States especially as the phenomenon has taken countless lives and negatively altered many others. The practice has been likened to being drunk because it does not allow drivers to focus keenly on the road. Obviously, if the driver is texting, they are focusing […]

Florida’s Underage Drinking Laws

Beer Tent Teenage Drinking Florida

Underage drinking is a serious criminal offense in the state of Florida and it’s something that should not be taken lightly. In fact, underage drinking has serious consequences throughout the state of Florida. Because there is a gap between the age of majority and the age at which drinking is legalized, it’s possible to be […]

Guide To Switching Mobile Providers

The mobile phone market in the UK is not only over run with thousands of different models of phone, but there are plenty of mobile service providers to choose from as well. Making the decision between providers, plans and phones is overwhelming and complicated. But having the right provider and plan is important when it […]

The Best Places To Visit For Christmas

Christmas Travel

Can’t face another Christmas sat on the sofa eating leftover turkey for ten days? Don’t fancy another Boxing Day trip to the in-laws? We don’t blame you… …If you’re looking to do things a little differently this year at Christmas, then read on to discover the best places to celebrate the festive season… 1. New […]